and was installed September 13, 2007!

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--First Floor--

Segway the Fox Tours     

    Suite 120

    Phone: 920.573.2794

Coffee Shop The Daily Buzz

Black and Tan Lounge


--Second Floor--

Black and Tan

    Phone: 920.430.7700

The Terrace Room

    Phone: 920.430.7700


--Third Floor--

Hilbert Communications, LLC

Bug Tussel Wireless, LLC

    Phone: 920.940.0158


--Fourth Floor--

Advanced Recruiting

    Suite 407/408

    Phone: 920.884.3180

Gilbert R. Sandgren & Associates

    Suite 404

    Phone: 920.437.4000

Laurie Ferguson & Associates

    Suite 406

    Phone: 920.437.7884    

Psychologie Clinique, S.C.

    Dr. DeLain, PhD

    Suite 410

    Phone: 920.437.4490    

Dr. John P. Teske

    Suite 410

Glab Maintenance Services, LLC

    Suite 415

    Evan Glab


--Fifth Floor--

Downtown Green Bay, Inc & Olde Main Street, Inc vd

    Suite 501

    Phone: 920.438.8141

Bug Tussel Wireless, LLC


    Suite 508

Art Events, Inc

    Suite 509

New Arts

    Suite 509

Brown County Mediation Center of Green Bay

    Suite 510

Warren Consulting Group

    Suite 511

    Rod Ryan


    Suite 512


--Sixth Floor--

Psychological Consultants of Green Bay

    Ursula Bertrand

Kimberly Welk & Associates

Babcock Law, LLC


--Seventh Floor--

American Foundation of Counseling

    Suite 700

    Phone: 920.437.8256

    Fax: 920.437.1188


--Eighth Floor--

Nelson & Schmeling Attorneys at Law

    Suite 800

    Phone: 920.432.1400

    Fax: 920.432.1460


--Ninth Floor--

Penthouse - Lambeau Room

Apollo, LLC

    Suite 415

    Dan Fink

    Andy Aude

    Emily Ebert


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Bellin Building | 130 E. Walnut St. | Green Bay, Wisconsin