-- August --



The exterior got new decorative lighting. A total of 8 new sconces will light up the building.
The first lighting of the new sconces.
The Bellin Building at night. The building really stands out in downtown Green Bay now!
The coffee shop gets it's new door!
the new stairs are installed. The last set of old windows were taken out and Schuh brought the stairway in through the opening. A crane and a forklift, not to mention lots of muscles put it in place.
The new stairs are hoisted into place and secured. There will be granite tile on the treads and glass under the railing. With a new chandelier and other lighting, it will be a grand staircase leading up to the second floor restaurant!
Installed stairs.
The stair opening gets a fresh coat of paint!
The heating and cooling crew installs the exposed ductwork on the first floor.
More ductwork.
Print King got new windows and door. The sign had to be taken down in order to install the new glass. Jones came to re-install the sign.
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Bellin Building • 130 East Walnut Street • Green Bay, Wisconsin